How do I activate Passport?

The following steps illustrate the Passport activation process from beginning to end. You can activate your PBS Passport account from your desktop computer or laptop using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

  • After you have received an email from PBS or your local station with your Passport activation code and instructions, click Click Here to Activate Now (Figure 1). Alternatively, if you have your four-word activation code, you can go directly to without needing to go through the email invitation.

Figure 1

  • After following the link or entering your activation code, you are directed to an activation screen where you should see the logo of the local station you are a member with.
  • On the right side, it will ask you to sign in through Facebook, Google, or a PBS account. If you already have one of those three accounts, you can click the respective option and sign in with your account. If you are not sure if you have an account, or would like to set one up, you can click the option to Create a PBS Account further down on the right side of the page.
  • After signing in, you will see the below screen asking you to confirm the account for Passport (Figure 2).
  • Click the checkbox stating that you allow PBS to share your viewing history (Figure 2). * Please note that you must check this box to continue with the Passport activation process. Why do PBS and my station ask for this?

Figure 2

  • Click Confirm (Figure 3).

Figure 3

  • Your activation is complete. Click Get Started to begin watching Passport content (Figure 4).

Figure 4

  • Passport content is designated by a blue "compass rose" icon. The icon also appears next to your name, indicating that you are logged in and can view Passport videos.

If you do not see the blue Passport icon () next to your name, you have not completed the activation process or you have not signed in with the same email address you used when you activated your Passport member benefit. Think of any other email addresses you may have used and try signing in with those until you see the blue Passport icon next to your name.

Figure 5

Because the Passport benefit is a one-time activation, you will not need your activation code in the future. All you need to access Passport is the email address and personal password of your login account you signed into earlier in the activation process.

Below are additional links with instructions on how to sign in to your Passport account on our apps on supported streaming devices: