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Using PBS Passport as a Canadian Member


What content is available to Canadian members with PBS Passport?

Canadian members with PBS Passport can view most Passport content on

Although we will be expanding our PBS Passport library for Canadian Passport members, there may be a small number of shows that will be restricted to the U.S. or have slightly different availability windows. PBS must obtain the streaming rights for every program offered on our site, and these rights can be different between the US and Canada.

If a program does not appear on our site when you search for it by keyword, the program is unavailable for streaming in your area.

How can I watch Passport content as a Canadian resident?

To watch Passport content, visit and sign in at the top of the site with your PBS account after activating your Passport benefit. 

Currently, PBS Passport in Canada is only available for viewing on supported web browsers and on the PBS app on the below devices:

  • Roku*
  • Apple TV 4*
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Android TV
  • Android mobile devices
  • Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Chromecast via the PBS app

*Due to device limitations, the PBS app is not available in Canada on older models of Roku and Apple TV. Not all help articles at may apply if you reside in Canada, like our articles on downloading and activating the PBS app on select streaming devices.

Which PBS stations offer the Passport benefit in Canada?

Below is a list of PBS stations geographically close the Canada that provide broadcast coverages and offer the Passport benefit to Canadian residents and members.

  • Detroit Public Television
  • Mountain Lake PBS
  • KCTS 9
  • Vermont PBS
  • KSPS
  • WPBS
  • Maine Public Broadcasting
  • Prairie Public Broadcasting
  • WQLN
  • WGTE
  • WXXI
  • WNMU
  • WDSE

How do I see my membership information, update my billing, or cancel my membership?

For all membership and billing questions, please contact your local PBS station directly. For security reasons, this information is handled only at the station level.