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Creating a PBS account

A PBS account is used to sign into sites and the PBS app.

A PBS account is required to use the Passport benefit, as well as access profile features such as our Watchlist, Favorite Shows, and Watch History.

To create a PBS account, please visit our account creation page and follow the directions below.

  • In the First Name field, type your first name. In the Last Name field, type your last name.
  • In the Email field, type your email address. Your email address will act as the "username" for your PBS account, so we recommend using a real email address you are still able to access.
  • In the Password field, enter a personal password including at least 8 characters made up of both letters and numbers. A Show Password option is available on the right side to show which characters you are entering.
  • Once all of the above fields have been properly filled out, click the Create Account button to complete your account set up. If there was an issue with any of the above fields, you will see an error message next to the respective field advising you on how to correct the issue.

Once your PBS Account has been created, you can now sign in at and the PBS apps with that account. Simply use the original email address and personal password you entered during account creation to log in.

If you receive a message that a PBS account already exists with the entered email address, you can regain access to your old PBS account by resetting your PBS account password.