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There is a problem with my Passport activation code.

When you enter your four-word activation code at you should continue to a screen welcoming you to your new benefit.

If you encounter an error message, it will usually be one of the below. Next to each error message is a description of why it occurred and how to fix it.

  1. "The Activation Code you entered is already activated. Please Sign In or contact support." Your Passport benefit has been previously activated, either by you or someone else in your household. Visit and sign in with the account you used to activate Passport.
  2. "We're sorry, there is a problem with your activation code. To see if you have an account in our system, please use our Member Lookup." Please double-check your code for any misspellings or special characters. If your code looks correct, your benefit may be expired or disabled by your station. Visit the Member Lookup link and enter your contact email address for more information.
  3. "Note: Activation Codes are composed of four words separated by hyphens (example: WHEN-COURSE-HUMAN-EVENTS)." Please double-check your code is made up of four words with a hyphen or dash between each word.