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When I activate I get, "The Activation Code you entered has already been used. Please Sign In or contact support."

If you have received this message, it means that your Passport account has already been activated and, fortunately, you only need to activate once. To confirm that you are activated, please go to  and sign in with the same email (Facebook, Google, or PBS Account) that you used when you activated

If your Passport is activated properly, you will see a small blue and white "compass rose" icon (  ) by your name in the upper left portion of the screen. You may then search through the site, and any videos bearing that blue and white compass rose icon are available to Passport members only.

If you do not see the blue Passport icon () next to your name, you have not completed the activation process or you have not signed in with the same email address you used when you activated your Passport member benefit. Think of any other email addresses you may have used and try signing in with those until you see the blue Passport icon next to your name. If you are still having trouble, email support.