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What do I do if my Passport says it's expired?

If you would like to check if your Passport is expired, you can enter your contact email address in the lookup field at this page:

Note: This tool is looking for the contact email address. This address may be different from the email you activated Passport with and sign in with. It may be an older email address you've used with your station in the past, or an email address belonging to another member in your household. In some cases your station may have never received a contact email address from you, in which case it will return no results found.

Your Passport benefit should be tied to your membership with your local station. It should expire when your membership with your station expires.

However, it is possible for a mismatch between the Passport benefit's expiration date and your membership expiration date. This can occur when your station is waiting on a recent donation to finish processing, or if a technical error occurred when your station updated your Passport's expiration date.

Please contact your local station to inquire about your Passport's expiration date and request they update it. This will be a simple check between your membership records to find your actual expiration date, and then your station will manually update the expiration date on your Passport to match.

To find the contact information for your station, visit your station's website, or use the lookup tool on this page: