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I need to reset my PBS Account password. What can I do?

In cases where you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by following the below directions. This can be helpful if you've:

  • Forgotten your previous personal password
  • Receive an invalid error message or API Error when you try to log in
  • You have previously signed in at PBS through Facebook or Google and are no longer able to.

To reset your password without the need for your old password, you can get started by entering your email address in the Password Reset box at this link.

After entering your email address and submitting, you will receive an email in your inbox with a link to reset your password.

Open the link in the email and you will be brought to a page asking you to enter a new password and confirm that new password. 

Accepted passwords are at least eight characters in length and are a mixture of numbers and letters. If the page prompts you with a red "Weak Password" warning, you can still continue with your entered password by clicking the "Reset" button.

After confirming your new password, you will see your User Profile page with your personal information. You will also see an option to update this information or change your password. You do not need to select either of these options. Your password has been set to the new password you confirmed on the previous page.

You can now proceed to and sign in with your email address and new password.

** If you have forgotten your Google or Facebook password, and you instead see an error message from Google or Facebook that your password is invalid, please use the "forgot password" feature on those websites.