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Which shows are available on the PBS KIDS Video app?

The PBS KIDS Video app features more than 30 PBS KIDS Shows. Due to streaming rights, we're not able to offer every episode or show for streaming on the app indefinitely, and the videos available for streaming will change over time. See below for more details.

Full Episodes

Most full episodes on the PBS KIDS Video app are available for up to 14 days from when they’re first added to the app. New content is usually added every Friday. 

Every Thursday night at 11:59 PM EST, most shows will rotate 4 episodes. This means that four  episodes will expire and four new episodes will be added in their place. These four new episodes will be available for streaming for 14 days.

When a video approaches its expiration time, a message will appear over the video image indicating the video will expire within 5 days or will expire later that day. 


Shorter video clips are also available for streaming on the PBS KIDS Video app. While these clips are shorter than full episodes, they are also available for a longer period of time, and many clips are not set to expire from the app.