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How much does it cost to watch PBS?

PBS Website and App

Many videos on the PBS website and app can be watched without a fee or account with PBS.* You can enjoy episodes of popular programs like PBS NewsHour and Frontline on the PBS website and app without needing to pay. Additionally, many new episodes of popular dramas and favorites - like Masterpiece, NOVA, Nature, and more - are available to stream for a limited time at no additional cost.

The PBS app is free to download on supported devices, and all of the videos available for streaming on the PBS website are also available on the app.

*Some videos on the PBS site and app are restricted to members with the PBS Passport benefit. Click here to see more information about PBS Passport.

PBS Livestream

Viewers can watch their local PBS station's livestream on the PBS website and app without needing to donate or pay a fee. To watch the PBS livestream, please click here.

For legal reasons, you must be in a station's immediate area in order to watch their livestream. Please click here for more information about the PBS livestream and for troubleshooting help.

PBS Passport

PBS Passport is a membership benefit available to current supporters of local PBS stations who qualify for their station's benefit. Each station can set its own donation requirement for their members to qualify for PBS Passport, so for the best information, please reach out to your station or visit their website. Most PBS stations offer PBS Passport to donors who give at least $5 per month or $60 per year, but this amount can change depending on your station.

Click here for more information about PBS Passport.

Your Personal Contribution

To learn more about your contribution to public broadcasting, please see our Value PBS website.

Amazon Prime Video Channels

In partnership with PBS, Amazon offers special "channels" to watch popular PBS programs through the Amazon website or app. These channels require a subscription to Amazon. To subscribe to Amazon and stream these channels, you must have an Amazon account and you must use the Amazon Prime Video website or app. 

A few channels are offered by Amazon, and the subscription fee for each is different, but they range from $2.99 to $5.99 per month.

Access to these Amazon channels is not included with the PBS Passport benefit. Donors of PBS stations will need to subscribe to Amazon directly in order to watch videos through Amazon's website or app, and this subscription is a separate fee made directly to Amazon. Likewise, subscribing to these channels on Amazon does not give you access to PBS Passport videos on the PBS website and PBS app.

Amazon subscribers must watch these channels through the Amazon site or app, and PBS station donors must watch PBS Passport videos through the PBS site or app.

For help with this service, please contact Amazon. PBS will be unable to help with any questions or issues related to these Amazon channels.

Click here for more information about streaming PBS through Amazon Prime Video.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a subscription streaming service that lets you watch live TV from major broadcast and popular cable networks, including more than 100 local PBS stations.

YouTube TV costs $49.99/month for 1 membership with up to 6 accounts. YouTube TV offers a free trial available through their website.

This is a service provided by YouTube and available exclusively on YouTube TV platforms. For the most accurate information or for assistance with the YouTube TV service, please contact YouTube TV Support at this link.