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Closed Captioning on the iPhone/iPad app

Closed captioning is available on the PBS app for iPhone and iPad. You can turn on closed captioning with the following instructions.

  • First, open the PBS app and find a video you want to watch. Select Play to start the video. 

  • After the advertisement, the video will begin and load the video playback bar along the bottom of the screen. Select the circle with three dots at the bottom right.

  • A menu for video options will appear. Select Subtitles.

  • Select English or English SDH. 

  • Closed captions should now begin appearing on the video you are watching. 

You can check if closed captions are on at any time by following the steps above. The option with a checkmark is the option currently selected. To turn off closed captioning, follow the steps above and instead select the Off option.

Currently, you will need to complete these steps each time you wish to used closed captioning on the iPhone/iPad app.