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Live Streaming: Microsoft Edge Browser

To watch your local PBS station's live stream on the Microsoft Edge browser, you'll need to enable location sharing with If you are using another browser, select it from the list below to see instructions for your browser:

If you see the error message "We could not determine your device's location" when attempting to view the live stream, please follow the steps below to enable location sharing.

By default, Microsoft Edge should have asked your permission when first visiting A pop-up would have appeared at the top of your browser asking you to Allow to know your location.

To allow to access your location, select Allow. This help display information about your local PBS station, such as TV schedules, local programming, and more.

If you've selected Block previously or do not see the prompt when visiting the live stream, try the below steps to enable location sharing specifically for the website:

  1. In the corner of the address bar by the URL, select the Lock or Info icon. 
  2. Select Site permissions.
  3. Next to Location, select Allow to enable location sharing for
  4. Close the window to return to You should now be able to view the live stream.