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It looks like I am signed in to Passport on my Apple TV but I keep getting a message to sign in. What can I do?

Begin by checking the following two things:

  • Be sure your local station on your Apple TV is set to the local station with which you registered Passport. You can check this in the Settings menu of the PBS app. The option "Change your local station."
  • Check to make sure the account you used to activate the PBS app of the Apple TV matches the account you used to activate Passport. Here's a step by step instruction:

To activate:

Open the PBS Video app on Apple TV.

At the bottom of the app's left-hand menu, select Profile.

At the bottom of the settings menu, there is an option to Change Account > Log Out (if you have an Apple TV 4) or Deactivate (if you have an Apple TV 2/3). Select this option on your Apple TV and confirm.

You will see a new screen saying the app needs to be activated. Select Activate Now.This new screen will give you activation instructions and an activation code, seven characters in length. Enter this code at

After you hit continue, you will be brought to a new page asking you to sign in with a Google, Facebook, or PBS account. Choose the account you used when you activated Passport.

You will see a screen that your Apple TV has been activated. Return to the Apple TV where it will automatically update and you can begin watching Passport videos.