To make changes to your membership and billing, please click here for more information.

How do I update my membership information, change my donation amount, or update my billing information?

Because memberships are retained at a local level, you must email or call your local station for any of the below requests:

  • Update your billing information, such as the bank or credit card used to make your donations
  • Change the mailing address your local PBS station has on file
  • Request a receipt for your donation(s)
  • Check the end date of your donations and membership
  • Cancel your membership and any recurring donations (and end your Passport benefit access)

Most stations have a way to update your information or contact them at their website, so we suggest looking at your local station's website for more information. You can also use the below link to find contact information for your station to email or call them with.

Find your local station contact information

If your station sent you an email confirmation thanking you for your gift, this email also should have had information on how to contact your station.

If you contact the PBS Help Desk for requests related to membership changes, billing updates, or cancelations, our team will ask you to instead contact your local station. For security reasons, only your local PBS station has access to your membership information and billing to make changes.