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How can I support my local PBS member station?

We encourage you to support your local PBS member stations. By contributing at the local level, you support your station's ability to purchase the shows you enjoy, as well as to produce local shows and to serve as a vital educational and cultural resource within your community. Many stations offer their members a program guide, highlighting the air dates and times of shows you won't want to miss. 

For more information on supporting PBS, please contact your member station. Member station information can be found by using the PBS Station Finder

How can I donate to my local PBS member station?

There are a few different options to donate to your local PBS station:

  • To donate online: Visit on your web browser and click the Donate button at the top right corner of the site. You'll be sent to your local station's donation form. You can also visit your local station's website to make this donation.
  • To donate via phone or email: Please visit your local station's website, or use the contact information at
  • To donate via mailed check or in-person: Please check your local station's website for information on how to donate via physical mail or to visit the station in-person. Each PBS station is different and has their own instructions for physical donations.