How do I turn on captions on my Apple TV?

For earlier versions of Apple TV:

  • From the main screen of your Apple TV, click Settings.
  • Click General.
  • Click Accessibility.
  • Click Closed  Captions + SDH.
  • Press Select on your Apple Remote to turn on closed captions and subtitles.

For 4th Generation Apple TV users (newest version): On the touch-sensitive part of the controller, swipe down from the top. That opens a menu that includes "Subtitles". Select "English" to turn on captions for the video you are watching.

Still experiencing issues?
While you are watching a video, hold down the select button (the round button on the remote) for a few seconds and this will bring up a menu for captions. Turn captions to "English" (and not "Auto"). This will turn captions on when you return to the video. This also has to be repeated for every video.