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What is My List?

My List is a feature of your sign in account that allows you to save your favorite shows and videos so they are easier to find when using the PBS app. You will need to be signed into your account in order to use this feature. Learn how to sign into the PBS app.

My List is separated into three categories:

  • Videos: where individual videos/episodes are saved
  • Shows: where individual shows are saved
  • Viewing History: where you can see your most recently viewed video/episodes 

While accessing My List from the PBS app, you will only be able to edit items in the Videos and Shows sections. 

Currently, if you would like to remove items from Viewing History, you will need to go to and sign into your account. 

After signing in, select Viewing History from the dropdown menu under your name:

Then select the Remove option on the right-hand side of the video you would like removed:

*Please keep in mind that if you have saved a video or show to My List that expires, you cannot view that video or show after its expiration date.