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I followed all the steps to activate Passport, but when I go back it says I don't have Passport. Why?

It's possible your Passport account may not be activated or may be expired.

We first recommend double-checking that your Passport account is activated and current. You can use our Passport Member Lookup to confirm if your Passport account is activated along with the current status of your account. 

Click here to use the Member Lookup.

An email will be sent to your email's inbox with your Passport information. 

If your Passport is not yet activated, the Membership status will be listed as Unactivated, and there will be an option to activate by clicking a link.

If your Passport is listed as Expired or Disabled, you will need to contact your local PBS station to have them update your membership account. Contact information is available at

If your Passport is Active, the Activation Email will also be listed. This email is the one you will need to sign in with on your devices to use Passport. If your activation email address for Passport does not match the email you are signed in with on your device, continue to the section below.

It's possible you are logging in with a different email address and password than what you used when you activated Passport.

Open the PBS app on VIZIO SmartCast TV. Select Settings from the left-side navigation menu.

In the Profile menu, select Change Account. Then Select Sign Out.

Select Activate Now.

This new screen will give you activation instructions and an activation code, seven characters in length. 

Open a browser on a mobile device or computer and enter in the address bar. 

In the text box provided, enter the activation code on your VIZIO TV device and click Continue.

You will be brought to a new page asking you to sign in with a Google, Facebook, Apple ID or PBS account. Choose the account you used when you activated Passport. 

You will see a screen stating that your VIZIO TV has been activated. Return to the VIZIO TV where it will automatically update and you can begin watching Passport videos.