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Basic Troubleshooting Tips for VIZIO SmartCast TVs

If you encounter an issue watching a video on the PBS app on your VIZIO SmartCast TV - such as freezing, buffering, or other loading issues - we recommend trying one or more of the below options:

  • Completely power off your TV by unplugging it. Wait a minute, and then plug the TV back in. Make sure the cable connections are secure. Return to the PBS app and try watching a video.
  • Within the PBS app, select Settings on the left, and then Change Account. Sign back into the app by activating it. Select Activate Now and enter the code that appears on screen at before signing in with your personal PBS account again. Once the app is activated again, try watching a video.
  • If you continue to encounter issues where a video is buffering, stuttering, freezing, or pixelated, try restarting your router/modem on your home network. Unplug your router/modem, wait a minute, and then plug it back in. Once your TV reconnects to the network, try watching a video on the PBS app again.

VIZIO SmartCast TVs do not offer an option to delete or reinstall apps found on other streaming devices. VIZIO support suggests doing a factory reset on your TV, which can address other issues but does also reset any custom settings or login information. To learn more about factory resetting your TV, see VIZIO's support page here.