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I receive a "Content Not Owned" message on my Amazon device.

If you are receiving a Content Not Owned error message on your Amazon device, please try the following steps to correct the issue. It is likely that there are duplicate PBS apps on your Amazon account, or that an updated version of the app did not process correctly.

1. Go to and Sign In to your Amazon Account that you use on your Fire TV Stick or Fire device, outlined in red below at the top right of the webpage:

2. After signing in, click on Account & Lists on the top right. A new Your Account page will load, pictured below. Select Your devices and content:

3. Next, you will see a page titled Digital Services and Device Support. Select the option to Install or remove apps:

4. The next page should be a list of Your Apps in alphabetical order. Please find the PBS app in your list and note if there is more than one PBS app listed. Select the Actions options on the right:

5. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Delete this app for ALL copies of the PBS app that are listed until no more remain.

6. Return to your Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, or Amazon device and remove the local PBS app if it still appears on your screen.

7. Restart your device.

8. Use the Fire TV Stick search or Alexa voice search to search for "PBS app". Download the app onto your device.

9. Once reinstalled, the PBS app should open with a prompt to Activate Now. 

Please follow the instructions on the screen to activate. Once these steps are completed, the app should refresh and load normally.