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How do I watch episodes of Call the Midwife online?

New for the 2020 Holiday Season: Passport members can stream the 2019 and 2018 Holiday Special before they re-air on PBS on December 6, 2020! At the time of broadcast, both episodes will be available for free streaming until December 20, 2020.

Episodes of Call the Midwife are available to stream at the same time they premiere on television. New episodes are available for streaming for up to 30 days after premiere, and for two weeks in the case of a national rebroadcast of an old episode. Browse the Season and Episodes pages for specific premiere dates, and check our Call the Midwife site for information on upcoming rebroadcasts.

Any program or piece of television on PBS is a piece of intellectual property (just like a song or a book). With any piece of intellectual property come certain rights and allowances for the creators, distributors, and consumers. Many of these rights include online video viewing stipulations. If a program is not available for viewing on pbs.org, it is because of the specific intellectual property rights associated with that show, and often, these rights vary from show to show.

We must purchase streaming rights separately from television broadcast rights and we are not always able to obtain the streaming rights for every program, so our online content may be more limited than programs airing on your television.

While Passport does allow us to offer more content for online streaming, we are unable to offer every program for online streaming indefinitely due to the aforementioned streaming rights. After the 30 days of free streaming, we are not able to include Call the Midwife as part of the Passport library. However, rights do allow station members with Passport to watch each episode early – for Season 9, users can watch each episode the Friday before the broadcast premiere.

We can still offer clips and previews, as these are not as restricted as the full episodes and may be of interest to some users.

While previous seasons may be unavailable for free online streaming, we recommend visiting Shop PBS or a third party distributor such as iTunes if you are interested in purchasing old episodes of this program.