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Can I format my closed captioning settings?

To format closed captioning on videos, please follow the instructions below.

  • Click the icon located in the lower right side of the video. If you do not see the icon, hover your mouse over the video and the icon will surface.
* You can format your captions either before or after enabling closed captions.

  • A box opens with multiple formatting options. You can modify the following areas of your captions: 
    • Font Size - Click the slider and drag to adjust the size of your caption text.
    • Font Family - Click the dropdown menu to choose the font in which you want your captions to display.
    • Edge Style - Click the dropdown menu to choose formatting for your closed caption text, including drop shadow. 
    • Text Color - Click the block of color that represents the color in which you want your captions to display. 
    • Background Color - Click a block of color to choose the color that will display behind the captions.
    • Window Color - Click a block of color for your closed captions border.
    • Text Opacity - Click the slider and drag to brighten or darken your caption text.
    • Background Opacity - Click the slider and drag to adjust the opacity of the background color behind your caption text.
    • Window Opacity - Click the slider and drag to adjust the opacity of the border around your caption text. 
  • A real time preview at the top of the popup box displays each adjustment.
  • When finished formatting, click Save Settings to save your changes or click Reset to go back to the original settings. You can format the captions as many different times and ways as you like. Your preferences will display on all videos you watch on until you clear the cookies on your computer or click Reset.
  • If you have changed your mind and do not want to change the settings, simply click the X in the upper right side of the popup box.

  • After you have saved your settings and closed the caption formatting window, click play on your video. You will be brought back to the spot in your video at which you left off and your closed captions appear formatted.

On mobile devices and other streaming devices, closed caption settings are handled through the device's main settings outside of the PBS app. We've linked to other support sites for the devices below.