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How to Contact PBS Digital Support

Our support team is available to help you with streaming PBS videos on the website, the PBS App, or with the PBS Passport membership benefit. You can use one of the options below to speak with us about a technical question or issue you have related to PBS.

If you need help with updating your membership or billing, or would like to make or cancel an ongoing donation, please instead contact your local PBS station. You can contact them via their website or via the email address or phone number at this page.

Contact Us on This Website

You can submit a ticket to our team on this page. Once you submit your ticket, our team will reply to you over email to help answer your question or resolve any issues you have with streaming PBS. When submitting your ticket, please include your contact information and any relevant details about the question or issue.

Contact Us by Email

You can email our team at with any questions or issues related to PBS, PBS Passport, or the PBS App.

Contact Us by Phone

You can call the PBS technical support team at our phone number 844.325.8828 for help with streaming PBS or the PBS Passport benefit. Our hours are 10 AM to 11 PM ET, Monday through Friday. If all of our staff are busy assisting other viewers when you call, you'll be invited to leave a voice message for our team, and one of our staff will call you back at a later time.