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How to use the PBS app on Android TV.

After downloading and activating the PBS app, you will be shown the Home screen when you open the PBS app.

Being prompted to activate or still need to activate the PBS app? Click here for an activation guide.

The PBS app's navigation menu is on the left-side of the screen. You can access this menu at any time by using your Android TV's remote to click to the left. Options for Home, Shows, Search, My List, My Station, and Profile will be available.

On the Home screen, you can view a selection of spotlight videos currently being featured, as well as the Live TV option along with shows organized by genre as you scroll down. Shows you have saved to My List will also be shown on this screen.

Selecting the Shows option from the left navigation menu will offer a list of categories. Featured Shows will be at the top, followed by a selection from your local PBS station, and then shows organized by genre as you navigate down the screen.

To find a specific show, select the Search option from the left navigation menu. Select the search box on screen using your remote. An onscreen keyboard will appear. Type the name of the show you are searching for into the search box. You can also select options from the Recommended Popular Shows section at the bottom.

My List will display shows and videos that you have saved, as well as the option to resume videos you have already started.

The My Station option provides you with information about donating to your local PBS station and the option to view your station's livestream. You can select the Watch Now or Live TV option to begin viewing your station's livestream.

In the Profile option you can change the local station your PBS app is set to or change the account currently signed into the PBS app. The Auto-Play feature can also be turned off or on in this menu.

For a step-by-step guide on changing your station on the Android TV app, click here.

To change your sign in account, select Change Account and confirm. You will then need to go through the activation steps to sign in with a different account. For more information on activating the PBS app on Android TV, click here.

If you are trying to connect your Passport account to the PBS app, please make sure are signing in with the same account you used when activating PBS Passport. Not sure what email address you used to activate Passport? Click here to look up your Passport account information.