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How to use the PBS Video app for Samsung Smart TV.

This article covers how to navigate, watch videos, and use the other features on the PBS Video app for Samsung Smart TV. 

If you have not yet downloaded the PBS Video app on your Samsung Smart TV, please see our help article on downloading the app at this link.

Once you have downloaded and activated your PBS Video app, you can open the app to see the app's Home Screen. The app's main menu will appear on the left-hand side of the app with options for Home, Shows, My Videos, Donate, Search, and Settings. 

Looking for your station's livestream? 

We're still working on bringing the local station livestream to the PBS app on Samsung TVs, and right now we don't have a specific release date for this feature. We recommend visiting the livestream via your computer, mobile device, or other supported streaming device.

On the Home screen, you can resume watching a video you previously viewed, see a selection of featured videos and shows, and access your Favorite Shows.

Selecting the Shows option on the left-hand menu will provide an offering of featured shows and other popular programs sorted by genre, as well as a selection of local programs provided by your local PBS station.

You can select the "See All Shows" option at the top right corner of the Shows screen to navigate the available show pages, sorted alphabetically. Select a letter at the top of the screen for easy access to show titles under the selected letter. 

If you would like to instead search for a specific show by its title, you can use the Search option on the app's home screen (scroll down on this page for more information). 

Returning to the home screen's main menu, you can select My Videos to see your list of Favorite Shows and your video Watchlist, where you can save specific shows and individual videos for easy access and viewing. You can add more shows and videos to these lists on any show or video page.

To find a specific show, select the Shows or Search option on your home screen's left-hand menu. The Shows option will help you explore the app's collection of shows, while the Search option will help you find a specific show title.

After selecting Search, select the letters in the center of the screen to begin entering your show or video title. As you begin entering letters, the results below the search box will automatically update to return shows and videos related to the entered term.

Once you have found a show to watch, select its poster image to visit the show page. Here you'll find options to add this show to your Favorite Shows list, purchase the show on iTunes (for download separately from the PBS Video app), discover more information about the show, or view its available videos.

Select a video's thumbnail to open the video page. Here you'll find options to Play the video and begin streaming, or add the video to your Watchlist for later viewing (available from the My Videos option on the home screen's menu).

Related videos will appear under your selected video.

On your home screen, you can select the Donate option in the left-hand menu for information on how to support your local PBS station.

The Settings option can help you change the local station your PBS Video app is set to or change the PBS account you are signed in with.

To change the assigned local station, select "Change Station", enter your zip code, and select your local station from the results below.

To change your account, select "Change Account" and confirm.

The PBS Video app also offers PBS Passport videos. PBS Passport is a membership benefit offered by local PBS stations to their supported. Click here for more information about PBS Passport.

If you already have the Passport benefit, select "Change Account" on the Settings screen and sign in with your the PBS account linked with your Passport benefit.

If you have the Passport benefit and encounter the below screen when you attempt to view a Passport video, please try signing out and signing back in with your Passport-enabled account through the Settings menu or check on the status of your benefit at this link.