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I am an educator in Canada, can I purchase items from PBS to use for my class?

Please contact the following organizations to purchase PBS educational items:

McIntyre Media, Inc.

1-800-565-3036 (phone)

1-519-942-8489 (Fax) 

Distribution Access

1-604-523-6677 (Phone)

1-604-523-6688 (Fax)

DVDs with AV rights includes the limited license to exhibit the program anywhere in the world as long as no admission fee is charged, and the viewing is in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. In-Room Use. Customer has the right to exhibit the Programs to an unlimited number of viewers where all viewers, monitor(s), and playback units are in the same room ("in-room use"). Such exhibition shall be in accordance with the Arrangement indicated on the Invoice and during the period applicable thereto. Customer acknowledges that the Programs may not be duplicated, broadcast, transmitted by cable, transmitted on any open circuit system, or otherwise transmitted in digital or analog form, unless otherwise specified herein or agreed to by PBS in writing. 
  2. Limited Instructional Television Fixed Service ("Limited ITFS") and Closed-Circuit Television ("CCTV"). Unless otherwise specified the AV Program price includes the right to transmit or exhibit the Programs over ITFS and CCTV limited to transmission within a building, single campus, or cluster of buildings, where those rights are available. 
  3. Digital/Wide Access Network. Programs MAY NOT be distributed through any wide access network (i.e., open cable, broadcast, LAN, Web, etc.), digitized, and/or placed on a digital server.