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How can I watch PBS videos on my Roku device?

The PBS Video channel is available for the Roku streaming device.

Before you can begin using the PBS Video channel on your Roku device, you must first download the channel to your device and activate the channel.

Click here for instructions on downloading the PBS Video channel to your Roku device.

Click here for instructions on activating the PBS Video channel on your Roku device.

Once you have downloaded and activated the PBS Video channel, you can begin viewing popular PBS programs.

Finding and Watching Videos

Exploring the PBS Video Channel

On the PBS Video channel home screen, you will see options for the channel on the left of the screen, as well as rows of shows and videos further down on the screen.

The home screen features a rotating selection of popular or recent shows and videos.

Finding and Watching Videos

You can select any show or video image on the PBS Video channel for more information or viewing options.

Selecting a show image will open the show's page.

On each show page, you can find the available episodes, clips, and previews for the show.

Select Add to My List to add the show to your saved shows available on the PBS Video home screen.

Select a video from the show's available videos to see more options and information.

Select Play to begin watching the video.

Select Add to My List to save the video to your personal list for later viewing, available on the PBS Video home screen.

Select More Episodes or scroll down to view other available episodes from this show.

Exploring the PBS Video Channel

You can return to the PBS Video home screen at any time by selecting the Back button on your Roku remote. 

While viewing the home screen, you can select other options on the left side of the channel to explore the channel's offerings.

Select Shows to explore available shows on the channel. Shows on this screen are sorted by genre, with more popular or recent shows appearing toward the left side of each row. Scroll down on this screen for more genre and show options.

Select My List to view your saved videos and shows, as well as return to your viewing history to resume a video you have previously watched.

Select Search to search the entire PBS Video channel for a specific term. This can return both show and video results for quicker navigation.

Select My Station to view information on how to support your local PBS station.

Select Profile for a list of usability options for the PBS Video channel.

Change Station will allow you to set the assigned PBS station for your PBS Video channel. This can be used to easily find your local PBS station's streaming content and information.

Change Account will allow you to sign out and sign in on the PBS Video channel with a different PBS account. 

The other options on the Settings screen offer additional support or information related to PBS.