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How long after I donate should I expect to receive my Passport activation code?

After you make a donation to your local station, your activation code will be emailed to you within two business days. Memberships are retained at a local level so time frames may vary depending on how your station handles their donations and memberships. Most stations provide instant access through email or their web pages, but do not be alarmed if your station does not instantly provide an activation code as your station will send you that information as soon as they can.

Please be aware that if you receive a confirmation email from your station stating that your donation has been received, that is not your activation email. Your activation code will be delivered to you in a separate email. 

If two business days have passed, we recommend checking with the Passport Member Lookup Tool to see if your Passport account is ready to be activated. If no information in available, you will need to contact your local PBS station by phone or email. You can find contact information for your local PBS station by visiting this link.