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I don't see all of my channels in the TV Schedule, where are they?

Follow the steps below to access all of your channels.

  • After you have clicked Schedule (Figure 1.1) and are viewing your schedule, tap the channel (Figure 1.2) located in the upper left side of the screen. 

Figure 1

  • The upper part of the screen turns grey and all available channels are displayed at the bottom. The channel you are currently viewing displays between the two lines (Figure 2) and any additional channels associated with your location are displayed above and below the selected channel in a lighter grey font. Swipe your finger on the channels to scroll between all channels.

Figure 2

  • When the channel you want is displayed between the two lines (Figure 3.1), click anywhere in the grey area or click Done to show the TV schedule associated with that channel (Figure 3.2).

Figure 3

  • The new channel is reflected in the top left corner of the screen indicating that you are now viewing the TV Schedule associated with that channel (Figure 4).

Figure 4