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Downton Abbey Expires July 1, 2020

Unfortunately, all six seasons of Downton Abbey expired from our streaming service on July 1, 2020. 

Although we tried to renew our rights to continue to offer this program for streaming, we are no longer legally able to offer episodes of Downton Abbey on PBS.org or the PBS Video app. 

Any program or piece of television on PBS is a piece of intellectual property (just like a song or a book). With any piece of intellectual property come certain rights and allowances for the creators, distributors, and consumers. Many of these rights include online video viewing stipulations, and these rights can expire at any time. Once the rights have expired, PBS is obligated to take down the episodes for that program.

While these episodes are now unavailable for online streaming, we recommend visiting the PBS Store or a third party such as iTunes if you are interested in purchasing episodes of these programs.

We sincerely apologize for any disappointment. We hope you continue to enjoy our other offerings at PBS.org and on the PBS Video app.