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I'm interested in watching live streams of PBS videos.

At this time, the PBS website and PBS Video app do not support live streaming of televised broadcasts.

Most videos available through PBS's online streaming service are uploaded at the same time the videos premiere on television. There may be a short delay between a video's uploading and it appearing on your device for playback, however, your device should show new videos within an hour of their uploading.

Some videos, such as episodes of NewsHour, are uploaded on a delayed schedule due to the live taping of these programs. These videos need additional time to be prepared for online streaming, and are usually available within a few hours of their broadcasts' conclusion.

NewsHour also frequently offers a live stream through their YouTube channel. Since this service is provided through YouTube, PBS is unable to assist with any troubleshooting. We recommend contacting NewsHour or YouTube Support with any issues or questions about this live stream.

Members with the Passport benefit are able to stream some shows in advance of their broadcast on television. This offer can change between shows and is promoted on the individual show page on, when available.