Can I livestream PBS on my smart TV?

At this time we do not support live streaming of televised broadcasts on our apps or site. Videos are uploaded after shows premiere on television.

Currently we do not have an app for most Smart TVs. The PBS Video App is available on select Android Smart TVs and Samsung Smart TVs.

If you have an Android Smart TV, you can navigate to the Google Play Store app on your Smart TV and download the PBS Video app for Android to your television for free. If your Smart TV does not use the Android operating system, we will not be able to support it at this time.

You may be able to use your TV's browser to navigate to, but our website is not optimized for most Smart TVs, so we are unable to guarantee video playback on your device. Web browsers on Smart TVs are more limited compared to computer browsers, and since our site is developed for computer browsers, the browser on your Smart TV may not have the capability to play videos.

]For the best streaming experience on televisions, we recommend using our apps on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast. You can find a full list of devices we support for Passport at our help page here: