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How do I deactivate my device to start over with my new email address?

Follow the instructions below to deactivate and reactivate your device:

(Please note that you do not need to reset your Apple TV overall affiliated email, just within the PBS App). This will not affect other apps within Apple TV.

  • Within the PBS app on the Apple TV, click Settings.
  • Click Deactivate.
  • Exit to the main Apple TV page.
  • Click the PBS app.
  • Visit and enter your activation code (this is NOT your Passport activation code)
  • Press Enter.
  • You will be taken to a page asking you to login – at this point you must login the same way you have logged into Passport, with the same email that is affiliated with Passport.
  • Enter the email affiliated with Passport, enter the password set up when originally logging into Passport.
  • Click Sign In.
  • Apple TV PBS app will automatically be updated with this information and will have all the benefits of  Passport.