Shows will not play continuously without an option to modify the connection speed

It sounds like your browser's flash player is not being allowed full access to the PBS website. This can sometimes block the HD option on the video player bar from appearing since our video player is Flash reliant. Follow the steps below so that you can allow your web browser's flash player full access to the PBS website. Please note these instructions are based on Google Chrome's layout, but should also be compatible with Firefox.

First, go to and then locate the icon to the left of the website address (highlighted in red):


Please note this icon may appear as an "i" in a circle, a green lock, or a red X. Click on this icon to bring up a drop-down menu of Site Settings. This list should have a Flash option:


Most likely, your browser has Flash set to Detect (default). Please click the arrow next to this listing and choose "Always allow on this site". Then click away from the list.

The following option should appear at the top of the web page:


Please click Reload and the website will refresh. From there, please try playing the video of your choice once more. The HD option should now appear next to the CC option on the video player bar.